What should it be indicated on a care label?

What should it be indicated on a care label?

How to create a care label that is in accordance with the legislation?

Whether you are a beginner, a professional or a self-employed, this article should definitely interest you because it will allow you to make sure that your clothing labels complies with the legislation of your country. It might also give you some ideas on how to create new care labels that are in accordance with the rules and laws of your country.

From our experience, we have seen many errors on care labels. And this could be very dangerous for your product since it might cause problems (even health-related) that might result in you losing business and customers.

Are care labels compulsory everywhere?

In some countries care labels are not mandatory. There are countries where only composition labels are mandatory. So, this creates the following question: why create a care label if this is not compulsory?

The first reason is business-related. According to studies carried out worldwide:

  • 75% of people questioned declare that they never buy something without a care label
  • 73% of people questioned follow the maintenance instructions represented by the symbols on the labels.

Another reason is purely legal. The absence of a care label can cause concerns since most laws protect consumers. A care label will allow you to avoid any ambiguity towards your customers and will allow you to avoid the responsibility in the event of an incident related to the care and maintenance of your product. Finally, a care label will deter customers from returning your product back.

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