Bright-Pink Shirts Are Trending, and We Just Found 10 Amazing Ones

Bright-Pink Shirts Are Trending, and We Just Found 10 Amazing Ones

Virtual fashion weeks have meant that for the past year or so, we haven’t experienced those everyone’s-phone-goes-up moments when a truly spectacular look goes down the runway. It only happens a handful of times a season when there is a look so fresh and so brilliant that everyone unanimously falls for it at the exact same time. While in Zoom land, we can’t hear audible gasps or see the entire front row video the same outfit, there was one look in the S/S 21 collections that went well and truly viral. The item in question was a bright-pink oversize button-down shirt at Valentino.

The silk shirt is so oversize that it can be worn with little else, and on the runway, it was styled with a pair of barely visible short shorts. The shade of pink is so bright that it has a neon, highlighter quality and is exactly the kind of joyful piece that buyers were craving. Net-a-Porter notes that the £1790 shirt is in its top 10 items for summer 2021.

Nearly £2000 for a button-down shirt is the definition of a luxury buy. While nothing will be quite as beautiful or special as the original, it’s a price tag that will be out of reach for most. Unsurprisingly, Valentino has single-handedly sparked a pink-shirt trend, and you’ll now spot vibrant pink shirts all over the high street. Below, we’ve included some of the best pink shirts we’ve found, from the Valentino original to a softer pink shirt at Monki. We also recommend looking in men’s department, too, and love the button-down from menswear brand LEJ.

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